This Round of Make Your Bold Move is NOT One To Be Missed!
Surround yourselves with Entrepreneurs who are ready to SCALE their Business, build MOMENTUM and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in 2019!
Make Your Next Bold Move Happen!

Make Your Bold Move™ is an Online Based Mastermind, Accountability, and Training Program geared for you to SCALE your Business using Systems and Automation.  The program is designed purely to help you accomplish your NEXT BIG GOAL! 

NO Fuss.

NO Fluffs.

How Does It Work?
​​​​​​​You will get access to Training Modules to Transform your Business Model, Systems and Profitability.  A set of modules will be released every three weeks and may go through it at your own pace. 
​​​​​​At the beginning of each week, we will get on a Zoom Conference (max 6 people each session) to check-in on our progress and map out your mini goals for the upcoming weeks. 
Get your work done during our Virtual Co-Working Hours!  you and other MYBM Memebrs can hop on our Virtual Working Space, for 2 hours, 2 times per week! 
There's really no excuse!
We will have a Facebook Group where each participant will have their own suppor thread. We will also have a Q&A thread for each Module
Kate Edwards, Copywriter
​​​​​​​The Nurtured Word

​​​​​​​“It helps so much to be part of a community of other entrepreneurs. Before when I had a problem with a client or a tech issue I would just sweat over it for hours. Now, when I share in the group, someone will tell me they have the same problem too, or they say how they dealt with it. It’s nice talking to people who are as passionate about their business as I am. I don’t think I’m nuts anymore”  
Ann-Marie C Sampson
Empowerment Facilitator
Southside Links - Soufriere Online Business & Service Directory
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Before joining the Make Your Bold Move Program, I was stuck in a rut.  I have had a business idea in my head for a couple of years and finally decided to go for it 6 months ago. I got started, however I got stuck in analysis paralysis and was just spinning my wheels.  I then saw Rigel’s program and grabbed the opportunity for some help and accountability to get this project moving. 

Having come out of the program on the other side, I now have my website up and running and am starting to have people sign up for my new directory.  I now have a renewed passion for my new venture and am determined to keep up the momentum we created in the group.  I now realize I can’t do things alone and shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when I need it.

My experience in the group has brought a sense of relief, inspiration and empowerment.

I would recommend the Make Your Bold Move Program to anyone who knows what they should be doing but aren’t doing it, for whatever reason, be it procrastination, fear, or just feeling stuck.  Knowing that there are others out there just like you, will make this whole journey so much easier.  Go for it!"

Make Your Next Bold Move Happen!

Get TRAINED on SCALING your Business using Systems and Automation. 
Best Part? You don't have to go at it alone. With our weekly calls, and Virtual Co-Working Sessions, you'll be motivated to finish what you started!

What You Get For Three Months
Lifetime Access To Training & Resources
Access to a Member Portal Exclusively for the MYBM Students.

Done-With-You Trainings on Setting Up Your Business Systems & Foundations, realeased every 3 weeks.  Learn them at your own pace.

Weekly Check-In Calls via Zoom Conference, so that you are constantly building Momentum to achieve your biggest goals.
Virutal Co-Working Sessions, twice a week for 2 hours!

Support & Community​​​​​​​
Private Facebook Group with your own Support Thread.
Work closely with Rigel and get the support that you need from the courses.
Be a part of a Community of like-minded individuals that is willing to help you get the resources that you need to reach your goals!
Who doesn't need Accountability?

All Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (including myself) either had a Private Mentor or belong in a Mastermind! SURE, if you have thousands of dollars to spend right now, I'd say go for it!

Honestly, I created this program for the "old ME"... because when I was starting my business, I wished there was a similar type of SMALL group program, with check-in calls, resources, offered continued support outside of our calls, and one that doesn't cost THOUSANDS of dollars!

I know how important a community like this is for people who are getting their business off the ground and gaining momentum. 

About Your Host
A Passion For Momentum and Productivity

Rigel Jones is a Business Systems Strategist and Productivity Coach who helps Entrepreneurs who are struggling to scale their online business.  

With over 13 years experience in the corporate world, Rigel started Simply Assist Virtual Assistant Services, while on maternity leave with her first child in 2013. Fast forward almost 5 years and 3 kids later, Rigel's passion is now to help online service based entrepreneurs build solid business systems through workshops, training, and mentoring/accountability programs.

Rigel Rondina Jones
Online Business Systems Strategist
No more procrastinating - little progress is better than no progress!
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